The Magnum project aroses after an evaluation of the management systems available in the computer market.

After 10 years of experimentation and operation control, we ended up with the creation of this site, where users of the Magnum System can complement the technical support and global knowledge of the System.

Why choose us?

We have achieved an excellent computer product, but there is something even more important: We assume an inescapable commitment with our customers, which is the continuity in the development of software, remaining in the market responding efficiently in time and form to the new requirements that arise in each commercial activity.

To achieve this, it was essential to surround ourselves with talented young people, who guarantee that continuity, so valuable in the stability that our clients must achieve.

We form a group of young people -our online operators- with all the knowledge of our system and the conviction that its function is of high demand and responsibility. Based on these pillars we have maintained a constant growth, since a computer system has too much weight within a company, it must remain for long periods of time. As long as possible.


Our Magnum ERP Management Software achieves a very important goal to satisfy companies that are fundraising agents by providing very efficient solutions in the management of retentions and perceptions in accordance with current legislation.
As usual in Magnum systems, the configuration of the same, allows the user to make the changes of aliquots, taxable amounts and other configuration elements, which vary over time.


Account summary.
Bank charges, credit, debits.
Bank reconciliation.
Deposit of third party bank checks.
Bank checks in account


• Sales I.V.A book • IVA purchase ledger. • final summary (Grouped by category and aliquot). • Export files for S.I.Ap (perceptions I.V.A and II.BB.).


• Cash flow • Cash income • Cash receipts (vouchers). • Cash transfers • Cash closure. • search for funds. • Multiple cash registers.


• Seller’s commission • Seller’s statistics. • General Purchasing Statistics (comparison between periods and chart) • Profitability statistics


Documents generated with our Magnum ERP Management Software can be registered immediately in the AFIP Electronic Invoice Web Services by instantly obtaining the Electronic Authorization Code (CAE) mandatory from 1 July 2015 according to General Resolution 3.749 • No limits on the amount of vouchers generated. • User does not perform extra steps with traditional billing.


• Allocation of quantities to be cleared • Dispatch of merchandise according to the invoice made. • Classify dispatch according to city, transport, date.


• Create / send budgeets from the invoicer. • Bill a previously created quote with price update • Customized format


• Selective or advance payment. • Include third-party checks, own checks and cash on the same payment order. • Cheques issued are included in bank accounts instantly. • Print / send II.BB. record of retention


• Automatic purchase orders based on minimum and maximum stock. • Manual purchase order. • Goods are imported based on the previous purchase order. • Sent directly by email


– Issuance of vouchers (tickets, invoices, credit notes, debit notes, remittances). – Current accounts. – Purchase forms created by the user. – Sales forms created by the user. – Billing rates. – Number of items in the biller. – Partial or total invoicing of documents (estimates, orders and remittances). – Foreign currency conversion (user-defined). – Multiple Fiscal Controllers shared in network. – Sales and collection of cash on delivery (SI). – Withholdings in the Income of funds (SI). – Perceptions (II. BB.) on sales (SI). – Format of vouchers (CUSTOM).